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Get to learn more about the name behind us

Who was


"Nobody is perfect. Just my father."
Milka Santana

Perfecto Santana

1951 - 2020


Perfecto dedicated his life to the study of mathematics. His obsession with math was a long journey that took him from math teacher to director of several schools in the Dominican Republic. He loved numbers and studied them with an eager need to solve problems. His students still talk about him and how he impacted their lives. The Perfecto Lab+ is a humble attempt at continuing his work.


Perfecto was the father of Mirtha, Milton and Milka Santana. His gift to them was the love of math and learning. He realised early on the power of education and he wanted to share it with others through his teachings.  It's hard to even try building an institution carrying his name. It won't ever be perfect, but the goal will always be to strive for it.


Perfecto was a Catholic deacon. He studied the bible and tried his best to live through its lesson. 

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