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What We Teach

Coding and Robotics

This class is designed for the coding unicorns inside each child. We teach Block-based coding, Scratch, Python using iRobot Root, Lego Spike Prime, Marty The Coding Robot, CoDrone Lite, etc. We also introduce children to AI and data science. Our focus is developing problem solving, computational mindset, engineering and design skills. 

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Mathematics Laboratory

Mathematics is at the core of everything. This one's for our Perfecticos that see the world in numbers and intricate shapes that . Our focus during this section is developing computational mindset, imagination and problem solving skills.


Imagine If: Spanish and English

This class is designed for the believers, for the dreamers, for the bilingual unicorns that love to transport themselves into worlds never imagined before...Oh, and yes! The stories are in 2 languages. The focus is imagination, creativity, habit formation and mastery.


Limitless Dominicans

Our goal in Limitless Dominicans is to allow children to realise the power and brilliance of being Dominican. The children have the opportunity to speak with Dominicans throughout the world that overcame amazing challenges to achieve extraordinary accomplishments. In these sessions, we teach perseverance, Dominican power, innovation, entrepreneurship and patriotism.

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Do you want to get involved?

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Contact us at milka@perfectolabs.org to find out more information on how to get in love



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Located in Yamasá, Dominican Republic

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For more information: 

Contact us @ WhatsApp: (829) 365-7311 or

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